The film:

  • Drama/Comedy 108 Minutes HD, color 1:1:85 Stereo
  • Written/Directed by David Spaltro
  • Executive Producers: Lee Gillentine & David Spaltro
  • Starring: Molly Ryman, Aaron Mathias, Grace Folsom & Lisa Eichhorn

Brief Synopsis: A detached grad student forms a cathartic bond with a terminally ill girl she’s interviewing and a lonely bartender with a mysterious past while trying to prevent she and her artist roommates from being evicted from their rent-controlled loft.

Synopsis: Violet Kubelick, a brilliant young grad student studying near-death experiences, now withdrawn and closed-off after a mysterious, failed suicide attempt. She and her two artist-roommates are forced by financial matters to finally step out of the protective bubble they’ve created for themselves in their Brooklyn loft while Violet herself forms a cathartic relationship with a young, terminally ill girl in a hospice she is interviewing for her thesis and the damaged bartender who lives downstairs. A story of changing, relationships, love, life and what comes after we die.

The Filmmakers:

David Spaltro

David Spaltro (Writer-Director-Producer) grew up in Jersey City, NJ across the Hudson from NYC and graduated with a BFA in Directing at the School of Visual Arts in 2005. After a few years of traveling abroad and working as an editor he wrote, directed and produced his first feature film “…Around” in 2007. A love-letter to NYC and part auto-biography of his time at film school, “…Around” toured the festival circuit to much critical acclaim and found release through Cinetic Media online and on Netflix in 2009 as well as it’s television debut on PBS Channel 13 Reel Indies program on Christmas Day in 2010. “Things I Don’t Understand” is Spaltro’s second feature in which he serves as writer, director, producer and editor. He’s currently pursuing a few writing projects, developing a TV pilot and possible adaptation of the book “Sex and Rockets: The Occult World of Jack Parsons” and the completion of his second film.

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