“a little independent gem of a film — David Spaltro is a helluva filmmaker and a storyteller” – Debbie Lynn Ellias, Movie Shark

“an impressive follow-up effort… memorable performances…. realistic look into the life of young adults” – Karen Bernardello, New York Examiner

“A cinematic treat” – Peter Nellhaus, Coffee Coffee and more Coffee

“a tremendous vibe when Molly Ryman is onscreen… a great film” – Scott "Kubrick" Sawitz, Inside Pulse

“hits the bulls-eye with its humor and unyielding heart… a film filled with strong performances all around” – Brian Skuttle, Sonic Cinema

“Molly Ryman is extraordinary in the lead role, bringing humor and sharp intelligence to a character… it is a revelation to watch this beautiful actress slowly crack out of her chrysalis over the course of the film.” – Shelia O'Malley, The Shelia Variations

“Spaltro’s writing and direction is exemplary through-out… Molly Ryman delivers a fabulous, multi-layered turn as the complex Violet, while Grace Folsom is also deserving of praise and really shines in her feature film debut.” – The Reviews Club

“Spaltro put a great deal of care into defining this character, shaping the movie around her, and in Ryman, he’s found a talented actress to bring the role to life.” – Scott Malchus, Pop Dose

“…surprisingly enjoyable thank to a beautiful script penned by Spaltro himself, as well as outstanding performances by his cast… insightful and meaningful… takes you on a journey that will make you laugh, make you cry, and most importantly, make you ” – Hugo Ozman, Twitch

“Filmmaker David Spaltro’s ‘Things I Don’t Understand,’ Makes Him One Of The Best Filmmakers Of 2011” – Tommy Lightfoot Garret, Highlight Hollywood

“a thought-provoking drama…Spaltro once again establishes himself as one of the most promising of the younger directors” – Howard Schumann, The Critical Critics and Talking Pix

“Ryman perfectly leads the cast… Spaltro’s writing displays a soothing essence formulated by a realistic story” – Veronica Barriga, Behind the Hype

“Ryman gives us a smart, pretty, cynical heroine, and the superb performance of Folsom provides the pathos… an amusing and thought-provoking flick.” – Kay Durbin, Film Dilettante

“…just blown away by the film - its so ambitious and does it all in the best possible way. the script, direction are brilliant” – Anne Brodie, Monsters and Critics

“A truly moving little film that’s well written, well acted” – Brian Morton, Rouge Cinema

“Coherent, enlightened and funny… Spaltro orchestrates a bluesy atmosphere surrounding characters caught momentarily out of sync with everyone and everything else.” – Ray Young, The Flickhead

“….a well-crafted and accomplished film… Spaltro's writing and directing is exemplary throughout” – Gary Collinson, The Flickering Myth

“a genuinely warm film that reflects a real understanding of people and the relationships we form… very strong performances” – Paul Pritchard, Pulp Movies

“Spaltro has ambitiously embraced the audiences wanting more by putting weighty theories into the mouths of twenty-somethings searching for answer” – Jared Mobarak, Film Stage

“Aaron Mathias and Grace Folsom, the mysterious bartender and terminally ill patient, respectively, anchor a strong supporting cast, which adds flavor and dynamics…refreshingly earnest” – Eric M. Armstrong, The Moving Arts

“A great script, full of interesting characters, realistic dialogue…further proof that you don't need a huge budget to make an effective movie” – Sean Cranfield, The Daily Rotation

” a solid indie effort with a couple of great performances…Ryman is a perfect lead…Director David Spaltro shows a lot of promise” – The Vocabulariast , Movie Cynics

”..,beats the hell out of any of the trendy, hand-held, pseudo-romantic mumblecorpses currently littering art house screens” – Scott Marks, San Deigo Reader

“great comedic dialogue… funny and refreshing” – Courtney Smalls, Big Thoughts from a Small Mind

“One of the best indies on the festival circuit… full of grace notes and raw emotional power, superbly acted and sensitively written and directed by Spaltro… well worth the journey” – Bill Desowitz, Immersed in Movies

“An absolutely splendid film” – Bondo, Movie Warehouse

“this indie treat shows a filmmaker destined to go places — willing to take chances and make a film that is fearless in its treatment of the strong female character” – Jason Haskins, Cinemecca

“Things I Don’t Understand is the kind of movie you really want to be associated with, be it as a critic, an artist or a fan.” – Lamar Kukuk, Lamar's Movie Palace

“one film you aren't like to forget… refreshing to see that a filmmaker’s ideas and intrigues can be successfully expressed on a budget” – Rachel, Lost in Reviews

“David Spaltro has the right stuff to go on to become a great filmmaker” – Tired of Previews

“…a sharp gift for poking fun at artistic malcontents… impressive… Spaltro's enthusiasm is contagious” – Sam Weisberg, Screen Comment

“a creative, thoughtful offering… a worthy follow-up to Spaltro’s splendid first feature” – Betty Jo Tucker, Reel Talk

“'…Around' star Molly Ryman leads the exemplary cast of up-and-coming actors… Grace Folsom really shines in her debut” – Screen Today

“Achieves some significant successes… Folsom, Ryman and Spaltrol excel” – Andrew Wickliffe, The Stop Button